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Yacht and Boat Sitting

So what exactly is boat sitting ? 

There are millions of Yachts, Power Cruisers and even Superyachts sitting in marinas all over the world.
And for whatever reason, they do not move. The owners have all kinds of reasons for not using their boats.

  • No time
  • Change of financial situation
  • Have more than one boat
  • Too busy with their business
  • Change in life circumstances. The list is endless.

Disadvantages of leaving a boat in a marina with nobody on-board.  

  •  Your boat starts to deteriorate and fittings start to corrode.
  • The barnacles build up under the water on your hull.
  • There is a great risk of theft or damage caused by people getting in your boat.
  • Your yacht or boat needs a lot of cleaning and work every time you decide to go visit your boat.

Advantages of having someone or a couple, temporarily live on your boat.

1. It stays clean and ship shape (obviously, cleaning and general maintenance is part of the conditions of the deal)
2. Your vessel is protected from unsavoury characters breaking in and trashing or stealing your pride and joy.
3. You can have various maintenance tasks agreed as part of the deal.
4. Peace of mind that someone is looking after your yacht while you deal with your land based obligations.
5. Ready to sail as soon as you return on-board without all the usual surprises, cleaning and fixing.

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For yacht and boat owners that are looking for a boat sitter.

You can place a free ad on the boat sitting page and use our email for initial contact from respondents to your advertisement. Or you can use your own email and phone number in the ad. It’s your choice.

Sample advertisement

Vagabond 47

Costa Rica. Aug 2018 to Nov 2018. We have a 47 ft Bluewater yacht moored in Costa Rica and we need a reliable, trustworthy person or couple to liveaboard for 3 months. The yacht is moored up in a marina. We have some urgent business to attend to in the USA and can offer a basic monthly remuneration. Please send us your details and any past experience to us here (email) or (Tel) References will be required. 


For Boat Sitters

Free advertisement also – but we suggest a phone number and e mail in your ad. Get your references and CV with your past history, work and practical experience sorted out.

Sample advertisement

Boat sittingHi there, we are Sue and Adam and are available for boat sitting anywhere in the world in flights are paid for. We live in the USA so we can do boat sitting in the US (without any airfare etc.) for a small monthly remuneration. References available and are available now for any length of time. Adam can do basic maintenance and will keep your boat clean and tidy. Email Tel. 


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