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What are Boat Buddys ?  Unfortunately, most boats spend virtually most of their time in marinas. Some owners have lots of time, money & friends to go sailing or boating  with, but they few and far between. Most of us are limited to family commitments, work and time. We also have to do virtually all of our own maintenance, so as to keeps the costs down.

Every Boat Needs a Buddy

All Yacht and boat owners will experience at some time, these problems.

  1. Finding it difficult to get down to the yacht as often as you would like, and when you do find the time, you find there are lots of jobs to be sorted out or fixed, rather than going out on the yacht or boat..
  2. Finding it difficult to justify the expense of owning a yacht or boat when you don’t really have the time to use it as much as you would like.
  3. When you have the time, nobody else does.

What every boat owner needs is a Boat Buddy or two!

This is a FREE UK based site and BOAT OWNERS can advertise for Boat Buddys
and People without a boat can advertise to become a boat buddy.


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