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Yacht sales agents required

Yacht Sales agents

Do you want to join our yacht sales agents and earn up to $100 + per hour Part or Full Time?
Are you Passionate about Yachts and Boats ?
What about chatting to people on the Telephone?

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So how about working with Livingonaboat.net  on a relaxed Part or Full Time basis by helping us sell  Yacht and Boat Listings to houseboat sellers worldwide.  Yacht Telesales work  It does not matter where you live…. as we are a Worldwide Yacht sales website.

Why are we different from all the other Yacht Sales websites ?

Because… Living on a boat.net is not just a yacht or boat sales website.

We specialise in live-aboard boats, news, yacht crew page, yacht charter, marina berth listings, liveaboard videos, yacht resources. We also offer yacht chandlery via Amazon and best of all ….A YACHT SALES and SEARCH section that yacht and boat sellers can SELL their yacht with a simple one off listing fee.

How does it work?

The sellers can have a free listing for 30 days or you can help us by selling 6 month and 1 year listings.

You as an AGENT earn 50% commission on all listing fees you generate.

Our massive advantage is NO 8- 10 % BROKER fees saving them 1000’s  of Pounds , Dollars or Euros and No end of sale commission.

For someone working this opportunity seriously for an hour or two per day… you could easily earn over $250 per hour.. If you choose to work on a FULL TIME BASIS…. then your income could be huge.

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All you have to do is realise that….

There are millions of Yachts and Boats For Sale out there…sitting in marinas all over the world…

We have the best and most cost effective option for those boat owners to sell their boat.
Without having to pay $10,000’s in broker fees.

So as an example.. If you sell your $500,000 yacht… you will have to pay the broker… approx $40,000 !

With Living on a boat.net  they can sell for only £45 (US$60 for 6 month listing).
or £75 (US$100 for 1 year listing) and they keep the $40,000.

Interested ? Email us your details and where you live (Country)?  and then lets talk.


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