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Yacht Chartering with a crew

Yacht Chartering with a Crew

Yacht chartering with a crew is a great experience. With an experienced crew on board, all you have to focus on are relaxation and fun. In addition, the crew knows the waters very well, so they can take you to magnificent places. Or islands you never knew about and keep you on a set designated path to avoid being lost. The captain is responsible for everything while you’re out, so there’s no stress on you.


Bareboat Yacht Charters

Some people want privacy when relaxing. However, with the craft all to yourself and your party, you can go wherever you want at whatever time you want. Additionally, with bareboat yacht charters you don’t have to share your craft with anyone but the people you invite. Making for a very close, private, and comfortable atmosphere

Selling your boat

If you are a yacht owner, selling a boat can be an absolute nightmare; the broker usually gets 8% – 10% of the selling price of your boat. No one likes having to give a cut of money that came from something that is theirs to a broker. It’s much better to sell it yourself and get the full amount of money for yourself. It’s even better for the buyer as well. Instead of working with a broker in an indirect environment, you can work with the actual owner of the boat. The owner knows more about the boat, what’s happened to it, how well it runs and more than any broker could tell you. At Livingonaboat.net you’re able to post a free listing for your boat or a 6 – 12 month paid for listing with no commission.

There are many different choices for how your listing is shown, so you can customise to fit your own needs. Buyers can enjoy a well organised and direct method of finding and purchasing boats as well. You can see a listing of technical information on the boat in addition to the seller’s written description along with various contact information.

Types of boats

From sailing yachts to house boats and even boat parts you can buy and sell them all directly here. They even include information on Fractional yacht and boat ownership. If you can’t afford to buy a boat on your own, but still want to have a boat when you want to go out and have some fun, fractional ownership (part ownership) is perfect; none of the worry of constant upkeep on your shoulders and far less financial weight to deal with.

Also included in the site is a link for yacht charters. Choose from various different destinations, types of boats, crewed or bareboat, price deals and specials. Tons of information about yacht chartering is also included for the first timer or just as a refresher course to keep you safe and informed. Videos covering many different kinds of yachts and videos about boating and yacht charters are included in the site. These videos not only showcase boats but they also give a look into some of the great sights you can see and visit, highlighting the amazing freedom of travel on your boat.

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