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Yacht and Boat Sitting

Yacht and Boat sitting

So here’s an interesting service that could benefit yacht and boat owners, yacht and boat sitting.

Or people who are willing and able to move around freely and go look after someone’s boat.

There are millions of Yachts, Power Cruisers and even Superyachts sitting in marinas all over the world. And for whatever reason, they do not move. The owners have all kinds of reasons for not using their boats.

  • No time
  • Change of financial situation
  • Have more than one boat
  • Too busy with their business
  • Change in life circumstances. The list is endless.

Disadvantages of leaving a boat in a marina with nobody on-board.

  • Your boat starts to deteriorate and fittings start to corrode.
  • The barnacles build up under the water on your hull.
  • There is a great risk of theft or damage caused by people getting in your boat.
  • Your yacht or boat needs a lot of cleaning and work every time you decide to go visit your boat.

Advantages of having someone or a couple live, temporarily live on your boat.

  • It stays clean and ship shape (obviously, cleaning and general maintenance is part of the conditions of the deal)
  • Your vessel is protected from unsavoury characters breaking in and trashing or stealing your pride and joy.
  • You can have various maintenance tasks agreed as part of the deal.
  • Peace of mind that someone is looking after your yacht while you deal with your land based obligations.
  • Ready to sail as soon as you return on-board without all the usual suprises, cleaning and fixing.

So how do you find a willing boat sitter?

One way is advertise on this website. Place a free listing with the location, boat size and details of what you expect from whoever lives on your vessel. The dates and if you prefer a couple of a single person.

The most important aspect of this is trust from both parties.

As an owner
You need to be assured that whoever is going to live on your boat or yacht is

  • Trustworthy
  • Clean
  • Can do basic maintenance tasks
  • They will keep the boat in ship shape condition
  • Will be honest and keep you informed of any issues in the marina or your boat.
  • He or She will  keep to your agreement and terms.

Big question
Are you prepared to pay a basic monthly support salary to the couple or person looking after your boat?
As they are living on your boat rent free, this can be a nominal amount. They still however need to eat and live with some kind of income.

Ideally you could find someone who runs a freedom business from his computer and can live anywhere so long as he has an internet connection. Could be in IT, websites, advertising, Network marketing, bloggers in fact there are so many businesses that are now run from laptops from home or anywhere the person can connect to the net.

Obviously certain credit or reference checks will need to be done just the same as if you were renting a house to a new tenant. There are also many agencies that can help an owner in this regard. We may even list some agency checking services on this website in the near future.

A huge NO is pets or children for obvious reasons.

As a couple or single looking to boat sit.

You must get your Bio, experience and references ready. It will be up to you to PROVE that you are trustworthy and honest enough. If you expect a yacht or boat owner to just give you the keys to his or her yacht ! You need to get real and become very responsible and trustworthy.

Probably the main reason most big yachts and motor cruisers sit empty for most of the year is…


The second reason would probably be
They may not have the spare cash to pay someone to boat sit for them.

Everyone’s life circumstances are different.

A couple could be struggling to find a job and pay the ridiculously high rents in the UK.

A multi millionaire could be down to his last million and is afraid he will lose everything unless he works like a dog 7 days a week but does not want to sell or leave his yacht sitting empty for months on end.

Someone like a friend of mine, works from his laptop and spends 6 – 12 months of the year in Thailand or Australia or Panama… He can live and work anywhere.

For Yacht and boat sitting, you need to be clean, tidy and have some maintenance skills.

Check out the videos on superyacht crew in the video section… most high end boat owners are fastidious in their attention to detail. However, the average boat owner is fairly normal and will not expect super-yachts standards.

Now for yacht and boat owners that are looking for a boat sitter.

You can place a free ad on the boat sitting page and use our email for initial contact from respondents to your advertisement. Or you can use your own email and phone number in the ad. It’s your choice.

For Yacht and Boat sitting – Wanted ads

Free advertisement also – but we suggest a phone number and e mail in your ad. Get your references and CV with your past history, work and practical experience sorted out.

Facebook – The Yacht Harbour

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Great post thanks
5 months ago

Great post, thanks for the information. I am looking for a crew or boat sitting position for this year 2018.

David Bunker
Boat caretaker and sitter for San Diego area
3 months ago

Hi, my name is David Bunker and am looking for a position, with my future wife,Teresa,as a boat sitter and ,or caretaker for an owner who needs our services.We are semi retired, honest, and dependable. I grew up by the bay and know the mantainance of large and small boats. It’s a constant battle trying to stay ahead of the corrosion from the salt air. Please text or call if you can use our service. Thank you.Dave Bunker. 702 750 7969

Ian pritchard
Boat sitter
2 months ago

Have just sold our last boat based in the west pacific. Looking to contact any one who would like to have their boat looked after by my Wife and I. Experience in all aspects of boat maintenance and care Captain/engineer.
Based in Australia but willing to travel
Ian +61 431736440

Boat Sitter
1 month ago

Hi, have just retired from my property restoration business. As a fit, very practically minded well travelled older guy I’m looking for boat sitting work. I have RYA Comp Crew Certificate, no commitments and a clean police record.
If anyone knows of an available position please let me know.
All the best
Fraser Flower

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