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The Shtandart Project

Replica Frigate Shtandart

The Frigate Shtandart is an exact replica of the man-of-war ship built by Peter the Great in 1703. In order to defend St Petersburg.



The Modern Shtandart was built in 1999  and is a fully functional training tall ship.

While at maritime events in European ports, Shtandart has always commanded very close attention. The Shtandart is crewed by young trainees and volunteers. She takes part in Maritime Festivals, Tall Ship events, and visits many Ports as a Russian Ambassador.

Become a crew member

Now everyone can have a voyage on this living history vessel. Join us and have a unique experience by becoming a member of Shtandart’s crew. Sailing aboard a real wooden tall ship is a fascinating adventure in the atmosphere of the 18th century. An incredible opportunity of a lifetime and also meet interesting and keen like minded people.

All members of the crew will be expected to take an active roll in sailing the Tall Ship  and in naval life.

Sail with us

While looking around  all one can see is an endless mass of water and light. It’s all around you, whispering into your ear, touching your face. It’s making your hair dance with excitement, It’s making your lips taste salty … There’s a completely different world around you, and it’s all about the sea, masts and sails. It’s all about, experiencing new things, going forward, setting challenges and realising your dreams.

If  you’re reading this and feeling excited or your heart begins to palpitate, you will definitely love tall-ship sailing. The Shtandart frigate runs a unique program offering Tall ship lovers, a chance to sail with us.

No experience necessary

Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced yachtsman, we warmly welcome you to join us for a few days at sea. Jump back 300 hundred years in time, climb the rigging, steer the ship and feel the wind as it blows the sails. Watch the sun set behind the horizon as we make our way out of port and into a new adventure! Meet new friends and unforgettable memories back home.

We can even invite you to join us during Tall Ship Races. These trips are impossible to imagine, so you should try to experience these events at least once you’re lifetime!  Sailing festivals, Small regattas, even battle reconstructions are also waiting for you as a Shtandart’s crew member! Just have a look at our sailing plan!

Book your voyage 


If you —

  • are fond of sailing, adventures and the sea, ;

  • dream to make friends and team mates from other countries and become a part of a team;

  • love to learn something new;

  • dream to become a ships crew member,

then check out the Volunteers Program of The Shtandart Project  !
Shtandart needs support and volunteers! The ship was built by enthusiasts of shipbuilding. It lives on thanks to the voluntary assistance of people from around the world. The volunteer teams have helped the Project continue for almost 15 years.

You can help by joining our volunteer program. It allows everyone, men or women who want to become a part of ‘Shtandart’ achieve their dream and set sail.

There are several ways to join us:

Office: Saint-Petersburg, 197110, Petrovskaya kosa, 7
Phone. / Fax: +7 98 1703 1703, +7 (812) 230 35-11

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