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Singapore Yacht Show 11-14th April 2019

Now in its 9th year.
The Singapore Yacht Show has now become the premier yacht and boat show in Asia.
Significantly contributing to the ongoing development of the ASEAN maritime market through innovation and creating unrivaled opportunities – and lets not forget a touch of glamour.

Held at the ONE°15 Marina at Sentosa Cove, the Singapore Yacht Show offers the exhibitors a first-class venue to meet clients and also yachting trade professionals from the surrounding Asia-Pacific region. Catering to all the nautical and yachty lifestyle seekers, the Singapore Yacht Show provides a one-stop venue for all things yachting in the Asia Pacific Rim and is an unrivaled opportunity to see some of the world’s finest Super-yachts, yachting and boating brands and luxury lifestyle products in a beautiful and very exclusive social setting.

Aside from the very impressive exhibits, the Singapore Yacht Show delivers a four day feast of celebration for the yachting lifestyle. With a wide range of interactive and passive activities, live demonstrations, bars, gala dinners and upmarket parties organised to maximize your experience. There is a fantastic vibrancy to the Yacht Show which promises to offer everyone a memorable experience bar none.

Meet us at the Singapore Yacht Show,

Location: ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

11 – 14 April 2019.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you there!

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