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Selling A Yacht Without A Broker

Selling A Yacht Without A Broker

So why should we consider Selling a yacht without a broker? Well the main reason is it can save you a great deal of money says The Navigator from Living on a

Houseboat owners are saving money by selling their boats through the  website, avoiding high broker fees.

Selling a yacht through a broker can be expensive.

Resulting in thousands of dollars or pounds being wasted when the owner could sell it direct through an online Yacht marketplace. has become the best marketplace for liveaboard houseboat owners wanting to find real buyers. Without paying for expensive marketing or broker fees.

Living on a 

Has become a trusted website for bringing boat buyers and sellers together.
Helping people to find good quality boats at affordable prices.
The website that consists of a wide range of Yachts and boats makes it simplified for boat sellers to find a buyer.

One of the biggest complaints

People wishing to sell their Yacht or boat have previously had, was the trouble in finding a buyer without using a broker. In the past people looking to sell their boat have had to turn to magazines with high advertising rates. Or brokers who charge high fees for their services. But now thanks to, selling a Yacht, or boat has become much easier and cheaper.

This website consists of

Various types of boats and with the online Yacht marketplace being user-friendly. People looking to buy a boat can easily search around the site to find what they are looking for. With various prices, wannabe boat owners can find a boat or a Yacht that fits in their budget.

Selling a boat or a Yacht

On the popular boat marketplace is a very simple process. In no time at all, a person looking to get the highest price for their boat or Yacht can have it listed on the site without worrying about high broker fees.

To learn more about selling a Yacht or boat on , please see the pricing plans link 


Living on a boat .net  is a specialist Liveaboard boat marketplace that makes it easy for a Houseboat seller and buyer to come together. The website sells a whole range of boats at various prices to fit in with people’s budgets.

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