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Selling a sail boat

Selling a Sail boat 

Selling a sail boat can be complicated at times regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller. For sellers you need to take so many things into consideration. Making the wrong decision could end up costing you a lot of money or leave you with an unhappy buyer.

The first thing you need to do is decide how to advertise your boat;

Listing with an agent may be easier but it can cost you a huge amount in commission. Selling privately through a website such as will save you money. It won’t be as much work as you think.

Once you have made your decision you must then hire a marine surveyor.

Doing so will flag up any issues with the boat before a sale. If you don’t disclose any problems to a potential buyer and these are discovered later then you may end up in court.

Next is holding viewings and sea trials;

Make sure your boat looks as good as new. Repair any damage, clean everything, and remove all of your possessions. So that potential buyers can imagine themselves as the owner. Once a buyer has been found and a price agreed then arrange the necessary ownership paperwork. You may want to obtain legal advice for this.

For buyers the process is much easier but there is still risk involved. Once you have narrowed down the selection and selected your sailing boat. The next step is  you need to contact the owner to arrange a viewing. Be prepared to sail as the owner will probably offer a sea trial during this visit. Inspect everything closely and take photos. Not only do they remind you what the boat was really like, they could come in handy in the event of a dispute.

Make sure you ask to see the marine surveyor’s report –

If there isn’t one then ask for one to be arranged. Not having this report can put you at considerable financial risk. When you are sure you are happy then make an offer and prepare to negotiate.

Never offer your top price at the beginning of the exchange. Once an offer has been accepted then sign the ownership documents and enjoy your new sailing boat! Check out the listings here 

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