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Selling a liveaboard boat

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Is a new a refreshing way for liveaboard yacht and boat owners for selling a liveaboard boat. Without having to pay out thousands of £ – E – $ in brokers fees. In our liveaboard yacht and boat listings section have liveaboard boats and yachts from all over the world.

There are several reasons why so many people prefer to buy directly from the owner…

1. It will probably be cheaper as the boat owner will not have to pay up to 8% brokerage fees

2. The owner is a lot easier to negotiate price with

3. Boat owners can tell you a lot more information and details about their own boat. has been created to make it really simple to buy or sell LIVE ABOARD boats directly with the owner. If your buying a boat, the service is completely free and if your selling a boat , we are offering for a limited time only a free listing. The listing fees are here if you want to have a 6 or 12 month listing.

Now if you were a yacht or boat owner selling your sailing or power boat…

What would you rather do….?

Pay 8% to 10% in brokerage fees (which can be $10,000’s for the higher priced vessels) ?

or a simple listing fee of less than £100 for a 1 year listing on this specialist houseboat and liveaboard website.
and have your yacht or boat seen by buyers from all over the world?

Currently most of our traffic comes from the UK, Europe and the USA but it is increasing every day. Our SEO department is consistently working in the background to make “Living on a” a memorable and great one stop place for resources. A much easier option for buyers of liveaboard vessels to find the boats for sale by owners,  and buyers can find exactly what they are looking for.

We would also recommend for buyers

Always have an independent marine survey of boats for sale by owners as you do not want any surprises after taking delivery of or moving on to your new yacht or houseboat. There are many more liveaboard articles and information about buying and selling yachts. Even boat shows and a roundup of  boating and yachting events around the world.

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