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Various ways to Sell a boat

So what are the various ways to sell a boat ?

The obvious way to sell a boat would be to give it maximum exposure to a worldwide audience. Remember that yacht and boat buyers are located in all corners of the globe. People will travel long distances to get the boat they want.

Classified ads –

If you only place a classified ad on one site or ebay, you will get a little bit of exposure but it could take a long time to sell. So another option would be to place a lot of classified ads and go for the websites that offer the most exposure for your type of boat. If a static houseboat you would need to stay local and within the area the boat is located.

If it is an ocean going  motorboat or larger yacht, then you need to go international. Why, because the buyers of these larger liveaboard yachts can come from anywhere.  is a worldwide Liveaboard yacht and boat sales website.

Yacht Brokers –

Then there is the issue with large commission fees if you sell a boat using a broker… and these can run to typically 8 – 10 % so just imagine selling a $500,000 yacht and then losing some $50,000 to the broker!

Yacht and Boat Auctions –

The auction route is another fast way as you can go and there are several yacht auction websites to list your yacht or boat. Again there will be a listing fee and a closing fee if the boat gets sold. You can place a reserve price on your yacht to stop it being sold for under your perceived value but yacht auctions are usually used as a last resort as you could end up selling at a loss.  See the resources page for yacht auction links.

Place a For Sale sign on the boat – 

If your yacht or houseboat is moored in a marina, then it makes sense to place a for sale sign on the boat.  Place your telephone number or suitable contact details on it, so potential buyers can contact you easily.

Lastly, make sure the boat is looking at it’s best and is clean and sea worthy. Nothing puts buyers off more than seeing a nice photo of the boat (when it was in new or pristine condition). But upon viewing the actual boat, they find the pictures were taken years ago. Or the boat needs loads of maintenance and or tidying up.

Sell a boat fast

Is the title of this article and to do that, you really do need some help. So many people try to go it alone and just use one of the above mentioned options. But boats for sale by owner can also mean to be on as many websites as you can find for the least amount of money. So to sell a boat fast you need to find a lot of cheap classified websites.

Be aware that many classified websites want to continue charging you every month or 3 months. This can work our very expensive if you don’t sell your boat for a year of more. Living on a  have a one, three or 12 month listing fees. This means that your yacht or boat can stay live on the international website for as long as you choose. Obviously the 1 year option is the best deal. There is no back end fees and you get to keep all the sale money.

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