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Power or Sail for Living aboard

So will it be power or sail ? Well I suppose it all depends on if you love sailboats or powerboats and how much money you have.

When I get to the powerboat level, my choice would be an Azimut 67 or 77 of which you can pick up for around the $3,000,000 mark for a 2015 model.

The luxury and quality of the interior is second to none.

Here’s a nice video of the new Azimut Grande 35 Metri


Fancy a charter on the Azimut 77 Click here for more pictures and info


Sailing boats

Now I also love sailing boats and the boat I am currently on the look out for is a nice Vagabond 47 Blue Water Ketch.

Here’s a sample interior shot and there are many variations but as you can see it’s more than big enough to live on comfortably.

A good book I read and can recommend is 

Get Real, Get Gone: How to Become a Modern Sea Gypsy and Sail Away Forever Paperback – 12 Aug 2015

by Rick Page  (Author), Jasna Tuta (Author)

Get real get gone

They also recommend a Blue water yacht like a Vagabond, if you are thinking about what type of sailboat to buy as your first liveaboard. I think they said, it was their first boat or it could be the one they live on now. Not really sure, as it was a couple of years ago that I read their book. And sadly I am now living in Thailand and all my UK books were sold. If this book doesn’t inspire you to sell up and buy a sail boat, then nothing will.

Full of how to’s and don’t do’s information and could even be used as a handbook on your voyage.


There are many liveaboard – Power or Sail boats for sale here

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