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Motor Yachts for Charter or Ownership

Motor Yachts for Charter

When selecting motor yachts for charter or ownership, you will first need to decide which is right for you.

A sailing yacht or a motor yacht?

Where sail boats rely on the wind to give them a jump start, a motor boat just requires gas to get going. Motor yachts require the use of either diesel or petrol. Depending on fuel costs this could make them more expensive to run than traditional sailing yachts.

Sailboats need more training

However, sail boats require knowledge, training, and an experienced crew. Motor boats are much more straight forward and can be learned very quickly. Before eventually enabling you to crew the yacht yourself – a huge advantage. A luxury motor yacht will require a crew due to its size. Though by selecting a motor yacht rather than a sailing boat the number in the crew will be reduced.

Remember the costs

You will have to factor this into the cost regardless of whether you are buying or chartering. If buying then you will have to consider whether you will be using the yacht enough to keep a staff on contract. Or whether to hire when the time comes. In particular motor yacht charters offer home comforts on the sea. And give you the opportunity to live aboard for extended periods of time. They are often privately owned but some are chartered for set periods of time (from as short as a couple of days to a few months) the rates range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands though which can be prohibitively expensive for some when factoring in that they are usually used for vacations.

If you are an enthusiast then shows are held across the world for you to admire these beautiful vessels and even make a purchase if you’d so like to, but if you’d prefer to browse the market from the comfort of your sofa then have a look at The Virtual Yacht harbour on  for Liveaboard yachts and boats for sale.

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