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Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury yacht charter

Luxury Yacht chartering is the ideal way to enjoy a luxury yacht. It offers you the freedom of sailing without the responsibilities and long term costs of ownership such as berthing costs, maintenance, staffing, etc.

A luxury yacht charter is like a home on the sea . You can relax, knowing that you have all the comforts you need. However, chartering can be prohibitively expensive for some as costs run from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands for short term lets. When deciding which luxury yacht to charter you must factor in the additional pricing such as staffing. The larger the boat, the more crew it will need and the more you will need to spend in tips, berthage, and fuel costs . These will not be as much of an issue with a sailing boat but if you are hiring a yacht with a motor then you must factor this into your budget.

Luxury Yacht Charter Bareboat

Unfortunately, due to the size of luxury yachts bare-boating (hiring a boat without a crew) will be impossible. You may find though that recruiting your own staff could be more cost effective than hiring the crew that comes with the boat. Though be prepared for the broker or private owner that you are chartering from to refuse this request.

Luxury yachts are usually privately owned and so are only available for short periods of time. If you want to charter a yacht for an extended period (such as a few months). – Then it may be worth contacting some brokers through their listings.  When you do find the yacht you want to charter then enjoy the chance to relax on your vacation! For luxury yachts to liveaboard see the listings on

Check out Yacht Charter Fleet for more on Luxury Yacht Charter

If you don’t like the idea  of chartering, the next best thing is to checkout 1 – 3 days or even 1 week sailing holidays in the Greek islands or Phuket or even in the USA as anywhere there are yachts and boats, there will be someone willing to take you out on a sailing trip. Catamaran evening sunset cruises in Cape Town South Africa were absolutely fantastic.

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