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Living on a cruise ship

I remember a story about an old lady that was always booking long distance trips on a cruise ship. The crew were always wondering why she kept on booking the cruise. They all knew her by first name and thought she must be very wealthy as it was like, she lived on the ship. One day the captain was chatting with her at dinner and he asked her if she had any family and why she was virtually living on the ship all the time?

Her reply was very interesting, she said to the captain,

“Do you have any idea how much it costs to live in a CARE HOME these days? It’s about 600 pounds (US$850) per week, the food is terrible, they sit you in a chair all day long and drug you up to keep you docile and quiet. I do have family and they understand that I prefer to be living on a cruise ship, at least while I am still able to walk and care for myself. I am very independent and do not want to live in a care home. So I sold my house and instead of giving it all to the care home over the next 5 or 10 years of my life, I am going to live on a cruise ship. I don’t have to walk far and the crew are fantastic, they always help me if I need to go up any stairs, but that’s not really necessary, the food is fantastic ad there is a doctor on board just in case I get ill. On top of that, I am living my dream of traveling the world and meet so many new people every new cruise.”

So that’s a very interesting story and one way to live out your golden years, if you own a house or have savings, shares, bonds or whatever.

Another option – If you are wealthy enough

There are several luxury residential cruise ships that you can actually buy a studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.



“The world” is at the moment, the largest private residential cruise ship in the world. Launched in 2002, at 644 feet in length and 43,524 tons, it continuously circumnavigates the globe. The ultimate lifestyle that combines a private yacht and a luxury holiday home. It arrives at a new destination every few days allowing them to explore and enjoy all the different countries and ports of call. Apartments range from US$825,000 to $7.3 million… But before you do… you’ll have to prove your net worth… If it exceeds $5 million you should be OK. But don’t forget to add another 10 percent of the purchase price per year for maintenance and various other fees based on your apartment size.

What type of owner is onboard

The average owner is in their 60’s and they are served by some 200 crew. Tipping or pets is not allowed. The ship has a large lobby and 12 decks, 3 bars, 4 restaurants, cigar lounge, nightly showroom featuring various artists, boutique, deil, grocery store, billiard room, putting greens, golf simulator, jogging track, tennis court theater, library and of course a swimming pool.

On the cruise you can avail yourself with lectures, classes, dance, cooking, language courses, arts and crafts, music, computer and even photography. The average occupancy is between 150 to 200 owners and guests.

The world 2


Utopia is under construction and is another luxury residential cruise liner project. The company has completed all of its marine engineering and architecture,  reportedly costing US$1.1 billion. Length: 296 m – Draft: 8.3 meters. It will have 600 Crew, 199 luxury residences and also a 218-room hotel.


Storylines is a 24,000 ton cruise ship. This ship will offer 450 cabins from studios to luxury penthouses that will range from $155,000 to $1.4 million.  The ship is expected to set sail in August 2019 as she is currently receiving a $40 million renovation.
As an example – a unit available at the time of writing is $155,000 plus $1,700 per month fees for 2 people. That’s for all-inclusive living, including food, drinks, massage, spa, entertainment, room cleaning, hair salon and the list goes on. You can review the full package inclusions on their website

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