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The top HOME section, contains the worldwide  location map of where all the listings of houseboats are. In the various Continents, countries and cities. Below the map is the SEARCH bar where you can search via Keyword, Category or location.

Living on a boat

Featured listings

Are below the map and they scroll around. Below the Featured listings are the 3 main categories. Houseboats, Power boats and Sail boats.

Project boats

Project boats could have it’s own category but we have decided to leave the project boats in their relevant section.

Buy and Sell

These are the main advertisements for owners advertising their houseboats, sail boats power boats and project boats.

The listings also can be sorted into Latest ads, Popular ads and Random ads.

The Navigators Blog

This is the Navigators blog section and contains many articles relating to boating and especially buying or selling a liveaboard. If you have any interesting living on a boat stories, please feel free to send them in. We may, if they are suitable, upload them onto the Navigators blog.

The Video pages

Contain many Youtube videos relating to living on a boat, working on a yacht or superyachts. UK Waterways, French waterways, Narrowboats in the UK, Various videos on families and people who live on boats. A documentary page so anyone interested in living aboard can watch boat related documentaries.

Resources page

Find crew, checkout boat prices, find a boat buddy, buy books on Liveaboard lifestyle and even boating goodies from Amazon. Yacht auctions and Yacht crew training schools, yacht charter and recommended reading.  Here

We will be adding more pages and content and may even include a Boat sitting page. This is where people can advertise for a boat sitter. Or people wanting to look after someones boat or yacht can advertise their services and availability.


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