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Living on a boat – What’s it all about steers people who want to start living on a boat or enthusiasts in right direction. When it comes to the world of liveaboard, one Web site has floated to the top. combines an interactive site for boating and yachting information.

  • A forum for owners to sell their houseboats and yachts.
  • A destination for buyers to purchase a yacht.
  • A Navigators blog with articles
  • Videos of people living aboard
  • Find out boat prices on the resources page
  • Buy books on Living aboard and more via Amazon
  • Book a charter

Buy or sell a boat has set up a simple and beneficial process for the buying and selling of yachts. In usual yacht sale transactions, money is lost in the sale by commission paid to a broker. The seller loses out on money to be earned by paying a typical 8 percent of the total sale in commission fees. On a yacht with a value of $800,000, that’s $64,000, a very significant amount. The buyer has to pay a higher price in turn, to make up for the money the seller needs to pay the broker.

Living on a

Eliminates the middleman, which not only leads to better pricing, but usually leads to easier negotiations as well. The owner can better communicate details and information about the boat to the buyer with this direct approach.

Yacht Chartering

Bareboat and crewed yacht charter booking can also be found on A bareboat yacht charter gives you the freedom to venture on the open sea by yourself with a rented yacht. Hence this appeals to those with a sense of adventure or those with experience. A crewed yacht charter comes with an experienced crew, ready to take passengers on a relaxing trip. Also having staff aboard allows for a luxurious experience while passengers have all the time to take in the sights and atmosphere of the sea. These options give renters the opportunity to have exactly the kind of vacation they desire.

About us has created a site that generates traffic to those in the nautical world by supplying generous amounts of live aboard information.  The international audience of the site connects people all over the world who love all things boating. The Yacht Harbour is our page on Facebook is the perfect destination for keeping up on the latest in living aboard while providing a truly beneficial way to sell, rent or charter a boat.

The Navigator

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