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Houseboats in London

Houseboats in London

Living on a houseboat is probably the cheapest way to live in London. However, a permanent mooring fee, if you can find one, can be quite expensive. One such company I came across while researching for this article is Thames River Moorings. They have a really nice website and it has a beautiful video on the homepage showing the River Thames and it looks like it was taken with a drone.

They have moorings in two locations Cadogan pier   and Cheyne Wharf   with 60 residential moorings  both in the heart of Chelsea but as mooring come up very rarely they have a waiting list. There are however two houseboats for sale at these locations.

FLAGSHIP – Only £2,500,000 ! 

Houseboat for sale London 1

Take a look at this stunning interior designed houseboat with an amazing 3,400 sq. foot of lateral space (plus another 1,000 sq ft of external space) right in the heart of Chelsea on the river Thames. It has a direct view of Albert Bridge and offers a very special and unique way of living in London. She has a new 50 year licence and is moored on Cadogan Pier.


WALTER GREAVES  £1,750,000

Houseboat in London 2

This brand new houseboat offers 1760 sq ft and is next to Cheyne Walk in Chelsea. It has 470 sq ft of external sitting and eating areas and offers absolutely stunning views of Battersea Bridge and the Thames all the way to the Chelsea Waterfront. The boat has a beautiful entertaining space that includes the whole ground floor. Comprising of a large open plan kitchen, dining area and drawing room. This amazing houseboat is perfect to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Thames.

Houseboats in London – Mooring fees

Good moorings in central London cost around £1,000 a month while more basic moorings on the river are around £250, and if you go outside the capital around £120 per month.

Outside London, houseboat prices are less expensive, especially in the Midlands, the only English region where the supply of houseboat moorings outstrips demand.

For example – a new 57ft narrowboat with a mooring near Derby was £59,500

And a 45ft cruiser in Market Harborough, without a mooring was only £23,950.

Houseboat moorings can costs between £2,000 & £18,000 a year – with a waiting list of five years. That is for the most sought after locations in London. Another thing to consider is, If you have a residential mooring in London, you may also have to pay basic ‘Band A’ council tax.

Now back to reality, most of us cannot afford to buy houseboats in London for over a million but we can live on a houseboat in London very cheaply if you are prepared to move the boat every 2 weeks to a different location. In fact if you are in a position to cruising continuously through the UK waterways system, you don’t need to pay anything or have a home mooring. A good article explaining the ins and outs is here.

Do you need a licence on London’s canals ?

YES, on London’s canals most of the boats you see, have a Continuous Cruiser Licence, which costs around £500 and £1,100 per year depending on the size boat. They also have to move every two weeks or risk ‘eviction’.
Read this interesting article in the Evening Standard for more information

Living on a river mooring or boat on a canal in the UK

Here’s a good website I found called Canal Junction .
There are a few questions and answers regarding living and cruising the waterways and they also cover.

  • Canal holidays
  • Maps and guides
  • News and Events
  • Marinas Boatyards and moorings
  • Canal boat services and people
  • Canal boat equipment and lots more

Another good article from the BBC with all the costs and info about Young people who are finding it much cheaper to live on houseboats in London –  Why young Londoners and moving to houseboats.

The secret to living cheaply in London

Canals offer alternative to London property ladder – The Guardian

The Pros and Cons of Living Afloat – Inland waterways association


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