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Yacht Fractional Ownership

Want to be a part owner of a beautiful Yacht?  Then how about Yacht Fractional Ownership. Many people dream about owning a yacht. But as soon as they see all the extra costs involved they shy away or feel it is far too expensive. There is the maintenance, the berthing fees and the fact that it will be moored up for most of the year without being used. However,  with yacht fractional ownership, the initial outlay and the annual outgoings are considerably reduced.

How long do you want to use the boat?

In reality, most people only need a few weeks to a few months of usage. So by sharing the purchase cost, berthing fees and maintenance with 4 or more owners. Your dream could become a practical reality. With Yacht Fractional Ownership the boat is usually owned by a company. Or a group of individuals and each individual has a specific “share”.

If an individual wants more time on the yacht then he or she can buy more shares. There are now several companies that specialise in Yacht Fractional Ownership. Also called Yacht Timeshare and they can easily be found by doing an internet search. And because they have been running for several years, they have all the agreements fine tuned. They know, which are the best yacht’s to purchase. Yacht Timeshare companies can even help you find co owners and can advise on the best way to rotate the usage time and maintenance.

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