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Classic sailing yachts

Classic sailing yachts

Classic sailing yachts are, in my opinion, the most beautiful vessels on the water. Made from a variety of different materials and each built to sail differently according to their era; these yachts all have one thing in common – they were built to endure.

If you are lucky enough to own one then selling it isn’t something you’ll want to take lightly. You will want the new owner to care for your classic yacht in the way that it deserves. You can choose a broker to help you with this but you may lose a significant sum in commission. You may also find that they don’t choose the new owner as carefully as you would yourself. If you would like more control over who will be the next to experience life on your classic yacht then listing privately. Through a website such as Living on a ,this may be the right move for you.

Living on a

Websites such as this, are used to dealing with classic yacht sales and may even offer advice through a blog or FAQ section. Listing privately will allow you to meet the buyer, raise any issues in person.  Negotiate a price, all on your time scale and without surrendering any of your profit to a third party.

If you are on the look for the perfect classic yacht to purchase. Then take a look at websites such as Yachtworld where new sellers list every day. Not only will you be able to use the search engine to narrow your results according to your specific criteria. You will have a huge selection to choose from. When you have found what you are looking for then make contact with the seller in order to arrange a viewing and sea trials.

Remember that classic yachts tend to need more maintenance than regular yachts so it is a good idea to take lots of photos and ask to see a marine surveyor report. If the seller hasn’t obtained one then ask them to arrange one before you agree a sale.

Once you are happy then you can negotiate a price. Bear in mind that the seller won’t need to pay a commission by selling directly to you when you are making an offer – this could help you grab a bargain with Classic Yacht Sales. Once both parties are happy then sign any papers and enjoy your new classic yacht!

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