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Boats for sale by owner

Boats for sale by owner –

We have many Boats for sale by owner. If you are looking to sell your liveaboard boat. Here is how it works.

FREE (30 days) – £45 (US$60 = 6 months) – £75 (US$100 = 1 year)

Prices correct at time of writing but may change in the future, click here for latest up to date pricing plans.

This is the most cost effective way to sell your yacht or boat. You know it makes sense, all you need to do is have worldwide exposure to your boat from a specialist website. We have 100’s of potential Houseboat or liveaboard people visiting our site who will see your boat. Why do you want to pay 8% commission to a broker when you could achieve the same result from a one off listing on ?

Other companies charge a lot more

There are several other companies offering a similar type service but they want to charge you £50 +  “EVERY 3 MONTHS”! Now I am assuming that we are all on the same page here. And it is pretty obvious that to sell a Yacht or Boat in 1  to 3 months may be possible, but highly unlikely!

Possible … but like winning the lottery, it’s not going to happen to most of us. Therefore your listing fees on those other sites are going to be over £200 (US$300) within a year. If you have not sold after 18 months … you are looking at US$500 +.

How it works with Living on a

The way it works on our website, Living on a is very simple. The owners can list their yacht or boat for sale very cost effectively and without using a broker. They are selling the yacht or boat themselves with a listing that has contact details photos and even videos are on some listings.

The bigger yachts have dealers and brokers selling for them. This site is mainly designed for the boats for sale by owner, for a once only listing fee. Thereby eliminating the massive commission of a broker. Boats for sale by owners on Living on a are much easier to find and search for. Because the site is not cluttered with ads or so much information that it becomes hard to see what is really being offered for sale.

Worldwide marketplace

The site is truly a global market place for the owners to find prospective buyers. Mainly because the buyers of yachts are very specific in their requirements. They will usually travel to virtually any country to obtain the boat or yacht of their desires. Totally independent and financially secure they could be living in Australia and find the boat of their dreams in Hawaii.  And if they do not want to sail her home themselves, will hire an experienced skipper and crew to bring the yacht back to Australia. So it can be moored in the country of their residence. Yachts are also used as overseas floating homes for many rich and famous people. They give the wealthy individuals and their families the privacy, not normally available when staying on land and in hotels.

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