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Boat Buddys – What is a boat buddy?

What is a boat buddy?

It’s a sad fact that most yachts and boats spend virtually all their time in marinas.  Now some owners have lots of time, money and friends to go boating or sailing with, but they unfortunately, are in the minority. Most of us are usually limited by family commitments and work and need to do almost all of our own maintenance, to keeps the costs down; but avoiding the boatyard costs, further reduces time on the boat.

As an example,

I am early retired living in Thailand and financially, not in a position to own my own yacht or boat with marina fees and ongoing maintenance costs.

However, I also know that many boat owners, are in the opposite situation and would welcome a”boat buddy”. Someone who can help with the maintenance, looking after the boat if not living in Thailand, or just a nautically minded friend… for some sailing or boating days out. What can I offer in return? I  own a small pool resort in N.E Thailand (Khon Kaen / Maha Sarakham areas) So I’m sure we can come up with a mutual arrangement.

Email me here if interested

Carlo (British born and bred) Hotel owner – UK Property developer – Helicopter pilot (PPL) – and lots more

Free boat buddy ads

There is also a British based website called Boat Buddys that one can advertise on to find a Boat owner or Boat Buddy. Boats are moored all over the world so it is not just for the UK boating community.

More info and link to their website here

Boat Buddys


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