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Benefits of Bareboat vs Crewed Yacht Charters

Benefits of Bareboat vs Crewed Yacht Charters

A crewed yacht charter is the epitome of a luxurious outing or vacation. The right crew can make for a fun, relaxing, and easy yachting experience. One can choose from a variety of companies that offer crewed yachts to provide for one’s dream vacation. Or you could choose to go on a bareboat yacht charter. (Bareboat is where you or someone in your party is qualified to sail the yacht) These charters take place all around the world. One may wish to visit a variety of European countries in a couple of weeks, or one may wish to charter a variety of exotic and luxurious islands. Whatever the case, bareboat yacht charters can provide the luxurious experience of a lifetime.

Having a crew on a yacht

Is another luxury that can make any charter more enjoyable. A crew is there to clean a yacht, as well as prepare meals on a yacht. A crew can create luxurious meals with the finest ingredients. In addition, a crew can also serve as a form of entertainment, depending on what one wants. Crew members usually display the utmost professionalism and politeness. They understand that their role in a yacht experience is to enhance the overall luxury of any cruise. is truly the company to use for selling and buying high quality yachts.

Buying and selling yachts

In addition, through Living on a boat, one has the ability to buy and sell yachts through the owners. Millions of yacht owners want to sell their boats for financial gain, however, they do not want to pay the high commission fees through a broker. Instead of being forced into selling through a broker, owners can now take advantage of websites like Living on a . This website allows boat owners to get a 30 day listing or buy a 6 month or yearly  listing and then advertise the sale of their boats.

To sell one’s yacht or boat  through Living on a boat

is incredibly easy. An owner will simply need to upload pictures of his or her yacht onto the website. In addition, an owner will need to include a short description of his or her yacht. Sales agents can help an owner to come up with the perfect listing that attracts the attention of any client. For the owner that needs help uploading the pictures onto the website, we are also here to help, every step of the way. We can truly make the life of any owner much easier through the Virtual Yacht Harbour of listings.

How it works

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a broker for the sale of a yacht, an owner can simply place a listing online that the whole world will see. A 1 year listing (as of May 2018) only costs approx US$130 (UK£85), which is a great price compared to the thousands of dollars that would have gone to a broker.

A listing is one of the most cost effective ways to sell a yacht, rather than pay for the services of an unnecessary broker.

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