traditional sailing yachts


I remember a story about an old lady that was always booking long distance trips on a cruise ship. The crew were always wondering why she kept on booking the cruise. They all knew her by first name and thought she must be very wealthy as it was like, she lived on the ship. One…


Look at this fantastic liveaboard Classic houseboat that has just been sold on Ebay in the UK. It sold for only 30,000 GBP with only 1 bidder ! Someone got a real bargain unless the reserve was not met. I had to do a blog post on this boat as I was watching it thinking…


Replica Frigate Shtandart The Frigate Shtandart is an exact replica of the man-of-war ship built by Peter the Great in 1703. In order to defend St Petersburg.   The Modern Shtandart was built in 1999  and is a fully functional training tall ship. While at maritime events in European ports, Shtandart has always commanded very…


Motor Yachts for Charter When selecting motor yachts for charter or ownership, you will first need to decide which is right for you. A sailing yacht or a motor yacht? Where sail boats rely on the wind to give them a jump start, a motor boat just requires gas to get going. Motor yachts require…


Have you ever considered working on Yachts or Superyachts? I have just been reviewing the book  – Working on Yachts and Superyachts and it’s packed full of information on how to get into this fantastic career. Even if you have virtually zero experience, you can consequently by reading this book. Find out exactly what kind…

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