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What is a boat buddy? It’s a sad fact that most yachts and boats spend virtually all their time in marinas.  Now some owners have lots of time, money and friends to go boating or sailing with, but they unfortunately, are in the minority. Most of us are usually limited by family commitments and work…


Replica Frigate Shtandart The Frigate Shtandart is an exact replica of the man-of-war ship built by Peter the Great in 1703. In order to defend St Petersburg.   The Modern Shtandart was built in 1999  and is a fully functional training tall ship. While at maritime events in European ports, Shtandart has always commanded very…


Classic sailing yachts Classic sailing yachts are, in my opinion, the most beautiful vessels on the water. Made from a variety of different materials and each built to sail differently according to their era; these yachts all have one thing in common – they were built to endure. If you are lucky enough to own…


Luxury yacht charter Luxury Yacht chartering is the ideal way to enjoy a luxury yacht. It offers you the freedom of sailing without the responsibilities and long term costs of ownership such as berthing costs, maintenance, staffing, etc. A luxury yacht charter is like a home on the sea . You can relax, knowing that you…

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