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What is a boat buddy? It’s a sad fact that most yachts and boats spend virtually all their time in marinas.  Now some owners have lots of time, money and friends to go boating or sailing with, but they unfortunately, are in the minority. Most of us are usually limited by family commitments and work…

FREE HOUSEBOAT – SERIOUS PROJECT – NEEDS RAISING and RESTORING This is a listing that is / was currently on Ebay in the UK. So, what can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful houseboat this used to be until it was ‘moved’ by the riparian landowner and it mysteriously sank. I am giving away this opportunity for £0.99p…


Buying a boat Obviously, buying a boat is a big decision; It is an expensive purchase and you want to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible. The first thing you need to do is research. Decide where you want to source your boat from; a private seller or a broker, and where you…


Yacht auctions Yacht auctions are an invaluable way of buying or selling a boat. For sellers it can be a fast way of gaining a sale and guarantees that all buyers are serious. The sale is protected too – the auction house will help you retrieve your money if a buyer is slow to pay….


Living on a Is a new a refreshing way for liveaboard yacht and boat owners for selling a liveaboard boat. Without having to pay out thousands of £ – E – $ in brokers fees. In our liveaboard yacht and boat listings section have liveaboard boats and yachts from all over the world. There are…

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