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Now in its 9th year. The Singapore Yacht Show has now become the premier yacht and boat show in Asia. Significantly contributing to the ongoing development of the ASEAN maritime market through innovation and creating unrivaled opportunities – and lets not forget a touch of glamour. Held at the ONE°15 Marina at Sentosa Cove, the Singapore…


I remember a story about an old lady that was always booking long distance trips on a cruise ship. The crew were always wondering why she kept on booking the cruise. They all knew her by first name and thought she must be very wealthy as it was like, she lived on the ship. One…

The Phuket boat show – Thailand 10th to the 13th Jan 2019 Also to be called – The Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous To be held at the Phuket Royal Marina in Thailand *FOR ALL INQUIRIES AND RESERVATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT Probably one of the most important events for yachts and boats in Thailand….


Yacht and Boat sitting So here’s an interesting service that could benefit yacht and boat owners, yacht and boat sitting. Or people who are willing and able to move around freely and go look after someone’s boat. There are millions of Yachts, Power Cruisers and even Superyachts sitting in marinas all over the world. And…


What is a boat buddy? It’s a sad fact that most yachts and boats spend virtually all their time in marinas.  Now some owners have lots of time, money and friends to go boating or sailing with, but they unfortunately, are in the minority. Most of us are usually limited by family commitments and work…

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